Community Meetups

Kensington Creates is home to a selection of meetups and dialogues facilitated by our Director, Tom Ulander. Each meetup happens once a month, and the content and format of the meetup is not fixed. Have your say, and take the lead! At the end of the day, it’s as much about who you know as what you know, and these meetups are an ideal networking opportunity.


Learning and unlearning

The industry perception of which skills are considered “valuable” is not fixed. As employers and clients demand a different set of skills fit for the future, we take a look together at our individual processes of learning and unlearning, with the aim of preparing ourselves for new, unexpected and desired futures.


Entrepreneurship for the future

For young entrepreneurs & experienced entrepreneurs alike, industry leaders, sole traders, parents, teachers and just about anyone. This meetup aims to explore the role of entrepreneurship in society and in our community, and what is required in the future to really leverage and feel the positive impact of increased rates of entrepreneurship.


Young entrepreneurs

This meetup is about supporting and connecting existing entrepreneurs with new opportunities, and those who are thinking of starting up with more experience. It’s a space to explore your idea or reality, with feedback, coaching and input from others in similar (or very different!) shoes.


Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Get in touch to see about hosting your own meetup in the space, or check out the Events page if that’s what you’re after.