Learning and unlearning

What’s considered a valuable and future-proof skill?

Are the skills that we have learned so far in life the ones that we need to achieve our goals?

How can we gain better control over how our skills and abilities develop?

What is learning like as a process for you?

What is it like to unlearn something that you previously held as true?


Have your say, debate, discuss, dialogue.

Kensington Creates Meetups are about exploration, reflection and conversation. There is no fixed agenda, and participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas with them, to feed into a shared pool of understanding.

The conversations are facilitated by the Director of Kensington Creates, who aims to create an inclusive and respectful environment, especially where there are opposing views.

Aside from the philosophical and educational benefits from attending a meetup like this, it’s an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded, or different, individuals. You may find something you never expected.

To help us assess the exact number of attendees, please book via the form on the right. If for any reason you cannot attend, please do let us know, to enable us to plan the best meetup for those that do attend.

The £2 charge exists to cover the costs of tea & coffee.