Our Mission

To be a conduit between Business and Education in North Kensington. Aligned with the vision of our Founding Sponsor, the Aldridge Foundation, we exist to transform communities through entrepreneurship.

1. How Do We Do This?

1.1. The Space

1.2. Business Support

1.3. Engaging With The Academy


How do we do this?

The Creates Space is a unique coworking and acceleration space in North Kensington, located within the same building as a secondary school, Kensington Aldridge Academy (KAA). Being in such close proximity to a secondary school enables a transfer of knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity that cannot be found anywhere else. It really is different. KAA also has world class facilities that are potentially available for use by Creates businesses. We provide the space and business support at very affordable rates to our Members, to enable more entrepreneurial individuals to start up where they might not otherwise have the means. The commitment that we ask of our members in return is that they contribute to the Creates community by acting as mentors and colleagues to their peers, and by engaging with the student population of the Academy on a regular basis. At the end of the day though, we know how important time is to a business' bottom line, and so we don't ask our Members to devote more than a few hours a month.

What this results in is an arrangement which enables local entrepreneurs to flourish by receiving not only the space and business support that they need in order to take the next step, but also access to the most creative and uninhibited thinking minds. Students gain the benefit of being exposed to real entrepreneurs. Creates embodies the idea that entrepreneurship is in itself an education, and students that partake in Creates initiatives are encouraged towards showing entrepreneurial qualities. As a measurement of their efforts, students receive badges and certificates which they can proudly display as evidence of their entrepreneurial nature.


the space


The Creates Space is situated in the impressive atrium of the Kensington Aldridge Academy. Separated by a glass wall, entrepreneurs enjoy the privacy of their own working environment, whilst the students benefit from seeing real entrepreneurs day in and day out.

The Space consists of three private office 'pods', one pictured above, and an open coworking and breakout space around them. For your application to join the Creates space to be successful there must be a commitment to give back to the Creates community and the Academy with a small portion of your time and expertise. In return, you can gain access to some of the state of the art specialist facilities that KAA has.

Coworking space is available 7 days a week for £125pcm

Private office Pods are available for £225pcm

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business support

For our entrepreneurial Members, our aspiration is to help them through whatever transition they are currently experiencing. Whether that be going from an idea-stage to incorporating and starting to trade, growing to a position to be able to hire their first employee, or simply managing the shift from working at home to a dedicated office. We are a stepping stone on someones entrepreneurial journey, and we aim to support them along the way towards becoming self-sustainable businesses.

Creates has a dedicated coach on hand daily, who can be booked in for private or team sessions. The coach runs a number of workshops and coaching sessions every month, the frequency and content of which adapt to the current needs of the Creates cohort.

Aside from this dedicated support, Creates facilitates the connecting of Mentors to Members when they require that expert advice and in-depth knowledge. Utilising the network that Creates establishes, entrepreneurs can access the assistance of masters of their field. For Mentors, this is a fantastic way to give back to a community of entrepreneurs with limited time commitment, and enable more journeys like their own. 

Creates also runs a series of events throughout the year, some of which are open to the wider community other than the Creates Members. These range from workshops and masterclasses, to guest speakers and larger-scale networking events.

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engaging with the academy


A commitment that is required of Members of Creates is to run enrichment activities on a regular basis for the students of Kensington Aldridge Academy. Weekly non-compulsory "Creates Club" forms the regular interactions, in which Creates entrepreneurs run workshops or masterclasses for the students. On a more infrequent basis, there are academy-wide "Creates Days", that enable students to spend a significant amount of time developing their skills, for example by developing and selling products on Portobello Road Market.

Enrichment of the Academy can take many forms. We leave it up to our Members to determine how they'd like to contribute, whether that be assisting with the development of entrepreneurial learning in the curriculum, the posing of challenges based on their business that students can solve, taking on student interns, running workshops and giving talks, and more. Let us know in your application how you'd like to support Kensington Aldridge Academy in developing the next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers.

For events such as Global Entrepreneurship Week in November, the imaginary lines between Creates and the academy blur further, with a series of events and workshops being put on.

All enrichment activities must connect in some way to the academic curriculum of the academy. In return for facilitating these activities, Creates Members can gain access to the world-class facilities of the academy, as well as the unique creative minds of the students themselves. 

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